Making Middle-earth awards…

Me few weeks ago : " I should just draw all the characters this time ! It would be fun ! " ;  draws 2 dwarves , gets tired and goes to watch a movie

Me last week : "Lets finish drawing the characters ! Now I have time cause it’s vacation ! I will finish in no time ! " draws and draws and draws ( ignoring the fact she is not doing very good job )

Me this week ! : " I can’t believe I still have 6 dwarves to color ! " …


Basically I want to finish Middle-earth awards by the end of this week , because I am so late with making them - but it just takes so much  time … ( and I have other things to do ) . BUT I will do my best to finish  in few days ! ( fingers crossed )

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Happy Easter !

I am a little late but still I want to wish a Happy Easter to all who celebrate it ! :)

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